About Our Classes

Our classes start out with a mindset mission statement. It is your focus  to keep you encouraged in your workouts.  You also recieve encouraging and motivational cues to keep you going. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools that you need to get you pumped on your journey.

How We Teach

Professional Instruction

Our instructions are cued and carefully executed. We ensure every member has options and gets the most out of each workout.

Demonstrations performed before every class.

Modification options for each workout.

Clearly excited cues.

Happy Students

Offered Courses

Convenient Location

Our Services

How We Help You

Get More Energy

Feel better in our high intensity workouts. You will gain more power and build endurance to sustain you throughout the day.

Build Physical Strength

Release anxiety and burn calories at the same time with our resistance and strength training classes.

Build Mental Strength

Get through mental barriers in our mindset classes. You will focus on making healthier decisions and crushing your life goals.

Change Your Body

Get the mental and physical changes you always wanted with the help and support of your trainer and community

Feel Safe

Never worry about being intimidated by an exercise. Everyone of your workouts contain modification so you can feel comfortable moving at your own pace while accomplishing your goals.

Join a Community

You won’t feel alone in your journey because you have the support of your Mended Community. We live for connection so there is always someone checking in on you and supporting you as you grow!


What Our Community Is Saying

“I have lost 14 lbs already. I love how accommodating Sam is with her workouts. She gives us so many options and always makes sure we are safe when performing a drill. She is encouraging and does not let me give up on myself.”


Student, Mended Fitness

“Thank you so much for getting me motivated. It’s been a long time.”


Student, Mended Fitness

“Hey! I want to thank you for today’s class. I didn’t want to get up and change or do anything, I kinda still struggled to get my day going but I changed at 850 and got to your class! You are a motivation! Thanks!”


Student, Mended Fitness

Ready to make a life change?

Our programs help people who deal with anxiety, depression or are overcoming trauma. Our trauma informed sessions are a safe place to workout and find a community as you heal.